One of the largest stock and chemical trading organizations in the U.A.E.

Our strong presence across the world, technical expertise and integrated marketing strategy provide enormous benefit not only to our customers, but to business partners as well.

We are driven by our passion to meet the expectations of our customers while continuing to contribute to Petrochem’s success story. Petrochem has created its reputation of being a preferred manufacturer by delivering the widest range of specialty chemicals available. Our technical and sales representatives work closely with chemists and R&D professionals to identify market needs and develop new products.

Petrochem offers logistic concepts with clear-cut financial and strategic benefits. Our areas of specialty are:

Key Account Management
We follow a strategy that allows us to create a balance between our decentralized, locally focused management system and the global, centralized organization, which leads to operational excellence. Our key account teams in the U.A.E., Qatar and K.S.A. implement tailor-made concepts to ensure optimal supply to our customers.

The Petrochem advantage:

  • Centralized customer services enable the simplification of administrative procedures.
  • Our worldwide network and logistics ensure that chemicals of identical quality are supplied to customers possessing several manufacturing locations.
  • Our processes are optimized and adapted to our customer’s changing structures and requirements.

Key account management allows our Customer's Strategic Sourcing and Procurement teams to achieve their internal goals.

Single Sourcing
The procurement of non-strategic chemical products is a time-consuming and cost-intensive process. Petrochem offers you its services as a single-source supplier and can provide a full product portfolio, adhering to quality and service standards.

Petrochem allows you to outsource the supply of your complete portfolio of non-strategic raw materials from one strong partner. We order products for our customers, store them in proximity to production locations and deliver them on time. Instead of making inquiries with several suppliers and negotiating prices, terms and conditions with each, you may approach Petrochem as a single point of contact. Single-sourcing also translates into reduced complexity and the elimination of unnecessary administrative procedures during purchase, goods inspection, quality control and accounting. Petrochem also assumes the responsibility of sourcing cheaper product alternatives, which allows the customer to further concentrate on core activities such as product development and marketing.