More Than a Matter of Course.

Petrochem takes environmental protection and the health and safety of employees into consideration during its business operations. Decisions at all levels of the company - business management, sales or logistics - take full account of the requirements of health and environmental protection as well as those of chemical safety. Health, occupational safety and environmental protection play a key role in “everyday” tasks in the industry - warehousing, order make-up, filling, transport and delivery of chemical products.

Our commitment to H.S.E. is underlined by voluntary participation in projects like the Responsible Care Initiative of the chemical industry, the Chemical Distributors Certificate, implementation of the Product Stewardship Guidelines, central registration of all environmental and chemical-related data in a database, logistics-planning based on ecological considerations and investments made in environmental protection where new facilities are built.

Petrochem takes utmost care to maintain the highest standards possible to ensure the health and safety of its employees, customers as well as the environment. In fact, Petrochem’s commitment extends far beyond that required by law.

Below are a few examples of specific occupational safety and environmental protection measures at Petrochem:

  • Reusable containers are offered for various products, which reduces the volume of packaging material and therefore the consumption of raw materials
  • Ongoing training courses for employees instill a keen awareness of potential risks and of how to avoid them
  • Every truck fleet is equipped with a wide range of safety extras extending far beyond legal requirements
  • Optimized itinerary planning ensures that trucks that deliver products to our customers, to keep fuel consumption to a minimum
  • Clubbing deliveries conducted within a geographical area