The principles and values that guide us.

We are committed to integrity in our business transactions and dealings with customers, suppliers, competitors, our employees and the public. This extends to the fulfillment of our personal responsibilities of complying strictly with the law (national and international) and policies and regulations that Petrochem is subject to and of believing in the spirit of the law.

An ISO 9001:2008 global company, Petrochem is conscious of its obligations towards the environment and the health and safety of its employees and is aware that all business relationships with suppliers and customers are based on mutual trust and confidence.

As for business ethics, the selection of suppliers and services at Petrochem is always based on objective and factual criteria. Petrochem’s employees are advised to avoid any kind of activity or interest that result in a conflict of interest.

Data privacy and information security
The regulations of data privacy laws and the Top-Level Information Security Policy of the Petrochem Group are always applicable to every employee.

Petrochem states empirically that the privacy rights of third parties (e.g., employee’s customers, etc.) must be observed at all times. Therefore, unauthorized access to information systems or the unjustified transmission of any data to third parties is prohibited.

This document provides only a summary of the minimum standards we are expected to comply with. Additional policies, procedures and standards are still valid and must continue to be observed as before.

These business Principles do not confer any rights upon any party.